Educational Advocacy

Here’s where we learn what the educational institutions can and will do for our child (they are with the child 6-8 hours per day!) We will learn how to navigate an IEP and all about all of the other fancy acronyms and eligibility laws and job descriptions within the school districts. There is much to learn here and much to evaluate if an IEP and/or a psychological assessment by the district is unsatisfactory. In order to obtain a second opinion, IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation), the diagnostician must be pre-approved by the district.

Concern: should I get approved? Or even better, team up with a fabulous neuropsychologist or doctor of educational assessment? I need a pocket full of special education advocacy specialists – I know they are out there but I do not have connections with them, as well as disability lawyers and other individuals who are well-versed in this area and have muscle! This step can either be very simple if the previous evaluator is good and the school’s IEP is strong, or it could be the most difficult step if the school is resistant because of budget, laziness, lack of resources and we get involved with a change of placement and/or have to push hard to get more needs met.