Advocacy Within the Family

First we begin with the nuclear family, then expand to practice within our extended family. Here we address the delicate topics unique to every family and handle disagreements within the marriage, within the family; sibling issues, balancing self-care, including the patient/child in decisions. Putting this step into action means practicing in the home, at family parties, playing with everyone’s comfort level. The more we can practice advocating within the family, the more comfortable we will feel advocating for our needs and the needs of our child in the community. It also opens communication channels within the family and brings what is ‘unsaid’ and the most delicate topics onto the table for discussion in a safe, therapeutic environment. Even if disagreements are not completely resolved (what family disputes ever fully are?) after this step those family members that choose to be a part of our ‘team’ can come from a unified place, thus strengthening the core of the child’s team.